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'Why are so many of the good people of America constantly acting;

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'Collective Sexual Repression and Denial'


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America's Unique Sexual

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 It is my hope that Letter To America will enable Americans to become adherents to a universal value that is all-encompassing, connecting every aspect of your relationships in productive and rewarding ways. For America, this really can be the eve of a new realisation of the hidden resources within the self, of limitless possibilities and their transformation into real and permanent achievement; of finally securing the relationship changes you are constantly craving.

  A new awakening will provide tangible benefits, with strong emotional connections, opening your consciousness to new and exciting possibilities for greater joy and fulfillment in your lives.”_

— Bill Howard, Author: Letter To America



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Letter To America

The Nightmare of American Relationship explained...

- A Healing British analysis -

by Bill Howard


Author's quote:


"An unpalatable truth can be difficult to accept, but when a great evil affecting millions of nice, decent and friendly people is flourishing, I believe it must not be allowed to go unchallenged. It is my firm conviction that, through a combination of unforeseen, naturally occurring events that were unavoidable, the America psyche has become emotionally and sexually sick to its core.


I contend that a purely random set of circumstances which came into being during America's turbulent birth set in train the genesis of a unique psychological condition that could never have been foreseen or prevented.


Regrettably, it is my belief that behind a multi-layered, glossy coating of collectively contrived imagery projecting happiness and success through materialism lies a deeply disturbed, emotionally frozen and

self-deceptive society; a nation

whose inter-gender relationships are bedeviled by an internalized mix of concealed anxiety, distorted values and dishonest communication, all of which have conspired to perpetuate certain behavioural abnormalities as accepted norms in American life for well over a century.


The American people are fundamentally trapped in a neurotic syndrome of intimate disharmony, conflict, deceit and manipulation without parallel in the history of the planet. Frankly, the entire social structure is in dire need of a large scale, action-oriented, therapeutic intervention. I firmly believe that the time has come to nail the insidious, conspiratorial lie of the distant, painful, artificial and self-destructive state of intimate relating in America, and to initiate a therapeutic intervention that will put an end to the evil scourges of fear, dishonesty and conflict that divide American men and women FOR GOOD!


It is my sincere hope that my new book 'LETTER TO AMERICA represents a first, important, step in this healing process."

~ Psychoanalyst Bill Howard, England 2009


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HANG ON TO YOUR HATS! A new and fearlessly frank, psychological appraisal of your great country is, we believe, about to become THE self-help/relationship sensation of the Internet book world.


Foreign observers have long regarded America as psychologically 'different', but now, after his 40-year long, independent study, the British author of a fascinating book titled LETTER TO AMERICA concludes from observing established behaviour patterns and characteristics that:

"Americans' true feelings lie buried under a century of repression", adding: "The society is a breeding ground of conflict, neurosis and denial in which everyone raised therein is involuntarily conditioned by inherent psychosocial and cultural forces into a state of emotional and sexual detachment - and, once afflicted, remain so throughout their lives."


In this powerful but engagingly compassionate, psychobabble-demolishing analysis, the mysteries of American life are brought into sharp focus in a single volume. London psychoanalyst Bill Howard demonstrates how Americans' behaviour is indicative of far deeper psychological and relationship problems than they are willing to admit.


With challenging and uncompromisingly forthright assertions on how the twin evils of DENIAL and SEXUAL REPRESSION dominate the emotions, thought patterns and lifestyles of the American people, Howard contends that a unique malaise he dubs 'The American Neurosis' took root in their psyche over a century ago, and has evolved into a 'collective emotional disorder'; a massive, deep-rooted emotional block that has been, in his words '... systematically poisoning intimate relationships in America ever since'. In a social environment with no outlet for genuine emotional release, American relationships, according to Howard, have largely become

'... a living lie; a gargantuan psychological diversion from reality.'


'A psychological oasis in a desert of psychobabble. With unerring insight, he slowly but relentlessly builds a case which, eventually, becomes irrefutable…' 'Highly original...' 'A brilliantly perceptive analysis of America…'
~ Tim Gregory
'Original and breathtakingly insightful ... This latest understanding of America adds a new dimension to psychological theory…' 'Utterly fascinating…'
~ Felicity Scott-James


Howard maintains that behind its often brash, image-conscious, super-rich and overly-confident façade lies an anxiety-fixated and

artificial society; that America is a self-perpetuating, armour-plated conspiracy in which its citizens are habitually conditioned, to varying degrees, into adopting and internalizing emotionally distant and defensive roles.


Highlighting the specific inaccuracies of intimate communication signals, perceptions and responses between American men and women, he argues that '...they are environmentally programmed to deny natural human emotional intensity and, afraid to acknowledge and reveal their real selves, embrace a world of phoney, materialistic alternatives'.





So severely have they been emotionally benumbed, American couples are extremely wary of genuine intimacy, and many engage in sex '... without fully discharging their natural, libidinal (sexual) impulses. It is this widespread lack of sexual gratification which fuels Americans' relentless national obsession with sex and sexual fantasies.'

Clear, direct and pulling no punches, Howard explodes the starry-eyed myths America's image-makers would have us believe. Stringing together a spectrum of seemingly unconnected factors he skilfully interprets the sexually-repressive significance of everything from skyscrapers, blondes, guns, gangs, acting 'big and tough' and overt materialism, to feminism, stretch-limos, rap, slang, entertainment, lawyers, talk shows, the cult of celebrity and even Barbie dolls. These elements, and many thousands more, are manifestations of, and compensation for, Americans' 'abrogated masculinity and frozen femininity'; and all form part of a 'subconscious cry for help' to which Letter To America is the long-overdue response!


'Skilfully lifting the veil off of the American psyche, Howard reveals a relationship disaster zone…' 'A bombshell…' 'Deeply absorbing…' 'Has the unmistakable ring of truth…' 'Shows exceptional sense of purpose...'
~ Evening Gazette
'An integrated analysis which makes real sense of America for the first time…' 'Sure to have profound implications for the future of America - possibly even the world.' '…A major work...' 'A revelation…'
~ Margaret O'Brien


Bill Howard's stated aim is to open Americans' eyes to a festering issue which for too long has been skirted around, glossed over or ignored, whilst claiming that the evidence for his theory defies any system of logic to refute it. Logically structured and very comprehensive, his simple philosophy is that all societies develop from a common source, and that humanity's unifying thread is the need to feel that you belong and can relate happily with your loved ones. His effective relationship therapy includes practical approaches to improving daily living by optimising interpersonal interactions through honesty, vulnerability, emotional support, warmth, mutual respect, caring and sharing.

An authoritative template for inter-gender equilibrium, this stimulating addition to our understanding of the human mind offers a distinct context in which to confront a societal trend that badly needs to be reversed, with a simple and effective strategy for rededicating Americans to the ideal of emotional honesty.


'Letter To America is a terrific read…' 'Single-minded, forthright and unequivocal - all qualities evidenced in his writings - this is a book to fire the imagination of millions of Americans…' 'Remarkable insight...'
~ Nigel Sanders


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